UNIPROOF – GODRY Waterproofing Solutions


Integral Waterproofing Liquid Admixture For Concrete And Mortar

Reduced Water Demand

Improves Workability

Minimises Water Permeability

Corrosion Resistant

Reduced Shrinkage


Improves Concrete Quality



Roof slabs & Screeds

External plastering

Bathroom Floors

Water Tanks




Charge the cement and sand/aggregate to the mixer and mix the dry materials for two minutes.

Reduce approximately 15% water in the mix design to ensure no loss in strength.

Add 75% of mixing water to the mixer and mix for two minutes.

Add the measured quantity of GODRY UNIPROOF to the remaining water and stir it well.

Add the UNIPROOF-water mixture to the mixer and mix thoroughly to completion.

Once the application is complete, cure the concrete as per the standard practice of water curing.



GODRY UNIPROOF is an integral waterproofing liquid admixture that minimises the water-permeability and increases the waterproofing properties of concrete and sand-cement mortars.

What are the available packs in GODRY UNIPROOF?

Available in 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers.

What is integral waterproofing?

Integral waterproofing admixture is a compound added to the concrete or cement plaster at the time of initial mixing. These compounds fill the small voids within concrete and plaster and breaks the capillaries that tend to carry water. Thus, Integral waterproofing admixture becomes the integral part of the building.

How does integral waterproofing help enhance the life of my structure?

Integral waterproofing improves the concrete quality by minimizing porosity and honeycombing, and produces a denser concrete. Thus, integral waterproofing is a great choice for protecting a building from the ‘inside’.

Why do I need to choose GODRY UNIPROOF for waterproofing my home?

GODRY UNIPROOF provides you with more added benefits apart from waterproofing such as:
Ensures 30% savings in material, as it requires just 125ml of UNIPROOF per bag of cement while other brands recommend 200ml.
Reduces water requirement in the mix design by 15% approx.
Improves the workability of concrete and mortar.
Reduces the development of shrinkage cracks in concrete and mortar.

What happens if water is not reduced in the concrete mix design?

Adding more water to concrete will result in segregation of the sand and aggregate components from the cement paste that will reduce the final strength of concrete; thereby, it will directly affect the strength and life-span of the structure.