ROOFSHIELD – GODRY Waterproofing Solutions


Heat Reflective Waterproof Coating For Roofs And Terraces

High Solar Reflectance

Excellent Waterproofing

Long Lasting

Highly Elastic

Energy Saving


Flat and sloped surfaces



Concrete screeds

Exterior coating for water tanks



Clean the surface thoroughly and repair the damages, if any, using polymer modified repair mortar.

Prime the prepared surface using BESTBUILD MAXPRIME ER efflorescence resistant primer and allow it to dry for 4 to 6 hours.

Stir GODRY ROOFSHIELD using a slow speed stirrer and apply the first coat by using brush or roller. Allow it to dry for 4 to 6 hours.

Apply the second coat of GODRY ROOFSHIELD perpendicular to the first coat to achieve a combined thickness of 2 mm.

Allow the coating to air cure for 5 to 7 days before opening the floor for light foot traffic.



GODRY ROOFSHIELD is a heat reflective acrylic waterproof coating for all types of exposed roofs, terraces and slabs. It’s long lasting glossy white colour and specially added microspheres reflect solar radiation back into the atmosphere and keeps the interior of the building cooler. GODRY ROOFSHIELD forms an elastic and tough membrane that provides excellent resistance against ingress of water.

What are the available packs in GODRY ROOFSHIELD?

Available in 4 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers.

In what form GODRY ROOFSHIELD is available?

GODRY ROOFSHIELD is available in a ready-to-use single pack form.

What type of surface is ideal for applying GODRY ROOFSHIELD?

GODRY ROOFSHIELD can be applied over all cementitious surfaces after priming the surface. BESTBUILD MAXPRIME ER efflorescence-resistant primer can be used to give a long-lasting base for the subsequent ROOFSHIELD coating.

Why BESTBUILD MAXPRIME ER primer coating is recommended before GODRY ROOFSHIELD application?

MAXPRIME ER prevents the formation of crystalline deposit of salts called efflorescence on masonry/ concrete surfaces.
It resists Alkali-Silica reaction in concrete, thereby it prevents the disintegration of concrete.
It provides superior adhesion of the ROOFSHIELD with the substrate.
It increases the longevity of the ROOFSHIELD coating.

Why should I need to choose GODRY ROOFSHIELD rather than regular Damp proofs available in the market?

GODRY ROOFSHIELD has a specially added light weight filler material called microspheres which will increase in its volume when heat falls on the roof, thereby reflecting solar radiation of all wavelengths. Thus, microspheres increase the thermal insulation properties of the ROOFSHIELD coating.

How GODRY ROOFSHIELD is advantageous over heat reflective tiles?

GODRY ROOFSHIELD has long life span of reflection, easy to apply and reapplication will be much easier compared to Heat reflective tiles. Also, ROOFSHIELD makes your roof both Heat reflective and Waterproof, while Heat Reflective tiles are only heat reflective.

What precautions should I need to take while using GODRY ROOFSHIELD?

Do not dilute ROOFSHIELD with water.
Ensure parapet walls, outlets, protrusions and corners are properly coated to achieve full waterproofing
Do not apply ROOFSHIELD in direct sunlight or during rains.
Ambient temperature and material temperature should be between 10 to 40°C.
The coating should not be used for heavy foot traffic.