Fill Shrinkage Cracks with GODRY MAXCOAT 1X

Ever observed those random cracks that appear on a concrete surface? Why do they form? How to minimize those cracks?

Cracking is typically the primary sign of distress in concrete. Though you notice the cracks recently, concrete deterioration might have occurred much before the cracks. It is more important to identify the reason behind the crack formation. Failing to address the root cause may result in the crack’s repair being short-term, making it necessary to go through the same process again.

Why cracks form?

One of the common causes for crack formation is shrinkage. Based on the process through which the shrinkage occurs, the cracks can be categorised into two:

  1.    Plastic Shrinkage Cracks
  2.    Drying Shrinkage Cracks

When the particles in concrete settle down due to gravity, the water from the mixture move towards the top which is known as bleeding. When the evaporation rate of the surface water exceeds the bleed rate, concrete’s superficial layer dries out faster ultimately resulting in shrinkage.  These kinds of cracks are plastic shrinkage cracks.

Drying shrinkage cracks occur due to changes in volume of the concrete. When the concrete is exposed to excess water eventually it swells. On exposure to low humid conditions the water from the concrete evaporates and cracks appear.

When the cracks formed are above 2mm it is necessary to act in time to stop them penetrating to the full depth of the structure.

Why shrinkage cracks are to be treated?

Are you noticing any of the below signs?

  • Rust-colored stains or watermarks on the ceiling
  • Mold on the ceiling and walls
  • Sweating walls and ceilings

These are the major signs of water damage that might have happened due to shrinkage cracks. The longer the leakage continues, the higher the risk of serious water damage to the structure. Too much of dampness can rust the rebars compromising its strength.

Fill shrinkage cracks with MAXCOAT 1X

GODRY MAXCOAT 1X is a waterproofing cum bonding agent which is used for waterproofing small areas and also used as bonding & repair mortar.

MAXCOAT 1X offers the following features:

  • Excellent bonding
  • Improved water resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Increased tensile and flexural strength
  • Non- toxic and easy to use

Watch the video to learn to fill shrinkage cracks using GODRY MAXCOAT 1X.

The expansion and contraction of the concrete results in cracks. Though small they may appear, the damage caused by these hairline cracks can be huge, if left untreated.  No matter how much we spend for interiors of the house, waterproofing is even more critical. It is essential to emphasize that the best waterproofing solutions are used during construction and for repairs whenever required.

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