Reduced Water Demand

Reduces the water requirement in the mix design and makes the mix more cohesive.

Improves Workability

Improves compaction of concrete and mortar.                                                              

Minimises Water Permeability

Reduces the permeability of water in concrete and mortar.                                            

Corrosion Resistant

No added chloride, hence does not attack re-bars.                                            

Reduced Shrinkage

Reduces development of shrinkage cracks in concrete and mortar.


Can be used with all types & grades of cements, except high alumina cement.

Improves Concrete Quality

Minimizes porosity and honeycombing, and produces denser concrete.

Areas of Application

GODRY UNIPROOF can be used in:

  • •  Basements
  • •  Roof slabs & Screeds
  • •  External plastering
  • •  Bathroom floors
  • •  Water tanks
  • •  Sumps
  • •  Drains

Application Procedure

Charge the cement and sand/aggregate to the mixer and mix the dry materials for two minutes.

Reduce approximately 15% water in the mix design to ensure no loss in strength.                    

Add 75% of mixing water to the mixer and mix for two minutes.                                            

Add the measured quantity of GODRY UNIPROOF to the remaining water and stir it well.      

Add the UNIPROOF-water mixture to the mixer and mix thoroughly to completion.

Once the application is complete, cure the concrete/mortar as per the standard practice of water curing.

Working Properties

1. Mixes using GODRY UNIPROOF will require lesser water than normal mixes for the same workability. Therefore, water addition should be reduced up to 15% or more. The exact percentage should be determined at site after trials.
2. Do not add GODRY UNIPROOF directly to dry cement and sand/aggregate.
3. If GODRY UNIPROOF is added more than the recommend dosage, it may affect the cohesiveness, initial and final setting time of the concrete/mortar.
Standards Compliance GODRY UNIPROOF conforms to IS:2645 & IS:9103.
Packaging Available in 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers.
Shelf Life & Storage Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored in unopened original packaging. Store in cool & dry place, away from direct sun light.